Wall Mounted Radiator Faqs

Understanding your wall mounted radiator will assist you in making the most of the device and using it to provide a warm, comfortable environment within your home. Once you have understood the basics that pertain to radiators, you should still read up on the specific wall mounted radiator FAQs provided with the product you have purchased as these items tend to vary in size and function.

How Much Space will my Radiator Heat up?

One of the most commonly asked questions about radiators is the size of the room that these items will heat. Every radiator make and model is different and this will affect the amount of space that it is able to heat. When purchasing one of these items from a manufacturer such as Eco Heater, however, you can expect your radiator to warm a space of about 75 to 120 square feet. In order to check the amount of space your individual radiator is able to heat, you should turn to the user manual provided to you along with the product.

How do I make my Radiator more Economical?

Radiators can become quite expensive, especially when they are being used around-the-clock but there are measures that you can take to ensure these items don’t cost you an arm and a leg. Purchasing economical radiators, that use less wattage, is one of the best ways to ensure your electric bills don’t skyrocket.

Are Radiators Safe for Children?

While some radiators tend to get very hot and cause burns, others are cool to the touch and this means that they are very safe for children. It is important to pay attention to the features on your radiator so that you can rest assured your family will be able to enjoy the benefits without putting themselves in harm’s way.

Do Radiators Cause Health Problems?

When purchasing your radiator, you should ensure that you pick one that is hypo-allergenic and does not dry out the air in the home. These two factors are very important if you want to avoid respiratory and sinus problems in the home.

Can I Install a Radiator in the Bathroom?

Many people avoid installing electric radiators in the bathroom because of the ever-present threat of electrocution but you can use gas radiators in these rooms to warm up the tiles and the rest of the room. It is important to check that your radiator can be used in this type of environment, however, and you can do so by talking to your manufacturer.

What Surfaces should Radiators be installed on?

Radiators can be installed on just about any surface, including cement, plywood, wood and drywall. These items are company and this means that they can be placed just about anywhere in the home without causing difficulties with movement in the home.

How long do they take to Heat a Room?

The amount of time that these devices will take to heat a room will depend on the make and model of the radiator but many of them take only 15 minutes.

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