Shapes of Wall Mounted Radiators

The shapes of wall mounted radiators vary to accommodate the different sizes and shapes of walls in residential and commercial settings. Before purchasing one of these items for your home, you will need to determine the perfect shape, size and radius of your radiator. The varieties of radiator shapes that are available include:

  • Curved Radiators
  • Segmented Radiators
  • Uniform Radiators

The Variety of Shapes of Wall Mounted Radiators

Not all buildings are built the same way; while some have short, square walls, others may have long, elegant curved walls. For your radiator to be mounted securely to your walls, you need to ensure that it is of the right shape. There are certain radiators that can be combined to run the length of your walls but others will not be able to do this and so you need to be sure of this before you spend money on these items.

Curved Wall Radiators

When you are dealing with a curved wall, you need a radiator that will run along the curve and this is where curved wall radiators come in handy. These radiators are shaped to fit the curve of your wall but they differ in terms of size so you need to ensure that the shapes of wall mounted radiators you purchase are correct.

These curved radiators can be used for convex or concave walls, making them perfect for just about any style of building. These radiators are more commonly used in commercial settings, however, because they are designed to suit longer, gentler curves. If you are interested in saving money, when it comes to heating a commercial building, these items might be just the thing you have been looking for.

Segmented Wall Radiators

The shapes of wall mounted radiators, for curved walls in residential settings, are more commonly segmented. These items are able to fit sharper, shorter curves and they can be purchased in a range of different sizes, just like the curved radiators, making them efficient, flexible and cost effective.

Wall Mounted Radiators

The shapes of wall mounted radiators might differ but they all have one thing in common; they are attached, semi permanently, to the walls in your home or commercial building. Wall mounting these items will ensure that they do not shift and break and they can continue to provide you with the warmth you are looking for, in every room of the building that they are placed.

Choosing the Shapes of Wall Mounted Radiators

Before you go out and purchase one of these items, it might be best to measure the shapes and length of the areas in which you want to place them. Once you have these measurements, you can contact one of the companies that sell these items and they will suggest the perfect radiator for your home or commercial building. It might also be best to have a professional visit your home or commercial building so that he or she can install the items quickly and efficiently, because of the accuracy of their measurements.

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